Dissertation Abstract Writing Tips and Tricks

Dissertation writing can be tough for many students. Even if the document is within the university learning level, you may have encountered challenging sections that make learning for it arduous. A dissertation abstract can be among the difficult ones. You’ve already spent countless hours studying for it, right? To top it all, your supervisor will likely want you to finish it within the deadline given, which means submitting late results only make it worse.

Tips on Writing a Good Abstract for Dissertation

Writing a good abstract for dissertation is quite a delicate thing. To enable you avoid this, it is best to begin by understanding how the section should appear. Then follow with some helpful tips to enhance your abstract’s quality.

  • Have a general title

Your abstract should be explicit, especially when you are writing a whole dissertation. Your title should offer a general direction on what you are writing about. It should also be vivid and easy to identify.

  • Have a catchphrase

A good abstract will have a catchphrase that will draw the reader’s attention to it in a particular manner. Avoid high-strung catchphrases like main result or summary. Instead, use different wordings that stimulate your reader to read on. Then come up with a creative but straightforward title for your abstract.

  • Avoid boring vocabulary

You may have a lot going on in your dissertation, but your abstract should not contain any boring vocabularies. Instead, focus on presenting key points that will make the reader relate to your thesis statement. Avoid using all-caps and avoid clichés. You can use more focused language to catch the attention of your reader and take them to the next section.

  • Be descriptive

If you want your abstract to be short, then it should be and precise. It should be as clear as possible to allow the reader to understand it. Use simple words that the average person can relate to and skim through it in a matter of minutes. The abstract should not be too long, especially if it covers more than 5% of the dissertation’s content.

  • Customize the abstract to fit the type of paper you have.

Your abstract should be customized to meet the exact needs of the different paper types. Usually, it will be written in the particular style the supervisor wants you to use. Therefore, customize the abstract to fit the type of paper, which may be a dissertation, dissertation proposal, or thesis. Some professors prefer that you brainstorm a bit before deciding on a specific style.

What to Avoid When Writing an Abstract for a Dissertation

There is nothing wrong with making a well-written abstract. It just means that you have to have a good outline for it. That way, you can cover all the critical sections without going off the rails.

You may get a hard time getting the deadline for your abstract to meet because of the demanding nature of such pieces. That is why it is best to be extremely careful.

Daisey Santiago