How to Write a Case Study Interview

If you are asking, ‘Do I Need to Know How to Write Case Study Interviews?’ the answer is yes. While there are many practical guidelines, it does not mean that a case study interview is just like any other essay writing assignment.

It is an intensive assignment that requires keen thinking skills to succeed. Many students either write it late or do not know the basics of it. Therefore, it is best to ensure that you do all the steps keenly to produce a winning case study interview.

Below are some of the dos and don’ts of case study interviews to help you write it expertly.

Do not focus too much on your main case

It is a complicated case that requires a deep understanding of the pertinent facts to come up with a recommendable piece. Therefore, avoid focusing on your main case and turn it into a report after writing your case study

Ask a lot of questions

Many companies may hire experts to manage their case studies. Therefore, they may want you to ask as many questions as possible. This results in making the interview easier for the hiring manager as they will have the answers to their questions quickly.

Avoid lying

While in an interview, try not to start lying. Your main aim is to get to know the case; therefore, it is highly advisable that you stay on track and don’t dig too deep into details. You can quote facts or facts you get from reading the paper but not the personal matters.

Give a firm decision

Most interviewers are human, and they may offer whatever help you need to give a firm decision in the interview. It would help if you chose the interview because of your ability to recommend what the interviewing committee is looking for. It is best to deliver clear information that increases your chances of being selected.

Do not offer your opinion about something

No matter how much you want to give an opinion, always remember the interviewers are humans who may have completely different ideas as yours. So, always keep it simple and avoid giving a personal opinion.

Avoid grandiose statements

Do not use words like most extraordinary, most meaningful, outstanding, and extraordinary when talking about your case study interview. The interviewers may have such an opinion, and they should not use them. Instead, try to focus on why you chose that particular company. There are other companies that you may know well and still choose them because of the words they use in their case study articles.

If you still don’t get the hang of it, hire a pro to do the interview. He will ensure that you follow the guidance given and ensure that you deliver a recommendable paper.

Daisey Santiago