Top 10 Mba Programs

Top 10 Mba Programs

Nowadays, going back to school is the new cool. Holding a degree isn’t enough for most anymore. For people in the field of business, an MBA is no longer a privilege, it’s become more of a requirement if you want to advance in this cutthroat career. Those with an MBA generally make more, occupy higher positions and hold better job security. But an MBA is expensive, you say! Well, not necessarily.

There a lot of institutions that offer the best programs at USD100,000. So if you’re wanting to grab an MBA without starving yourself, we’ll start you off with these top 10 MBA programs in the country for the best value for your money.

1. Kelley School Of Business, Indiana University

IU’s Kelley School of Business offers a prime investment in the form of its MBA program. There are 7 major on offer, including but not limited to: Supply Chain and Operations, Business Analytics, Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students can definitely specialize in the most sought after fields and enhance their individual market value. Students are honed in career development—a strategy that has 95% of graduates earning their first jobs within 3 months of graduation.

The college and the uni as a whole are repeatedly praised in various sources such as Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, National Geographic and the New York Times.

2. Tuck School Of Business, Dartmouth College

Whoa, it’s an Ivy League School! But before you turn your back on us for betraying you, keep in mind that these schools are devoted to getting the best students, and their huge endowments and significant donations grants them the freedom to allow for financial support so that students may graduate with little to no debt. The MBA program offered by Dartmouth is centered on experiential and experimental teaching styles, interactive learning, team projects and in-depth reflection and analysis.

Being the smallest of Ivy League schools, Dartmouth students have the luxury of building close relationships with professors and one another to create an effective bond that reaches Dartmouth’s widely-dispersed, successful alumni. Just graduating from this school opens vast opportunities.

3. Marriott School Of Management, Brigham Young University

The Marriott School of Management is one of the most affordable schools among large, private research universities, with sound financial aid opportunities and low cost of living. It has a closely knit and loyal alumni that can help students make useful associations on their way to a well-paid employment. In fact, 95% of their MBA graduates are employed within three months. MBA specializations include Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance, Global Supply Chain and Entrepreneurship. The school has received accolades from the Princeton Review and US News & World Report.

4.  Rawls College Of Business, Texas Tech University

MBA programs offered in uni’s Rawls College of Business are MBA for Working Professionals, MBA with emphasis on HOM, STEM MBA and a dual degree MBA. The college is an internationally-accredited institution and its main objective is in creating future leaders in the business world.

5. Mccombs School Of Business, University Of Texas, Austin

The McCombs School of Business of the University of Texas, Austin is the top business school in Texas. There are 6 programs to choose from as well as 6 concentrations to specialize in for those taking a Full-Time MBA course. There’s an incredible amount of experiences to be had to prepare students for a competitive career, these experiences comprise of competitions and workshops to Fellowship programs and internships among others. There are also various chances for financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and assistantships.

6. Madison School Of Business, University Of Wisconsin

When it comes to the number Fortune 500 CEO alumni, only one other business school equals Harvard: the University of Wisconsin’s Madison School of Business. Specializations include Marketing, Real Estate, Operations and Arts Administration to name a few. Students who wish to build a career in managements of culture industries such as recording, fine arts and theater, etc. Students have gain a high return in their investment in terms of wide far-reaching connections, high job placement rates, strong job stability and high average salary.

7. University Of Connecticut College Of Business

Dubbed as a Public Ivy and considered to be one of the best state universities, UConn has an MBA program that can of a 94% rate in job placements, and a higher initial salary and ROI. The college has a student-managed fund exceeding $2 million. It also offers unusual accelerator programs—single-semester practicums—in innovation, finance, sustainable community-outreach programs and various public engagements.

8. Fisher College Of Business, Ohio State University

Like all the business schools in this list The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business takes pride in its high job placement rates and high average starting salaries. What do you expect, it’s made it to a best of the best top 10 MBA programs list. There’s a tight acceptance requirement so student number are intentionally maintained small so they develop a close-knit relationship that leads allows students to help support each other during the program and even after graduation.

The college offers 7 specializations, that is to say: Leadership, Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Financial Reporting and Analysis. There are also various projects, organizations, lucrative fields and global opportunities that gives students invaluable perspectives on the complex world of business.

9. Katz Graduate School Of Business, University Of Pittsburgh

There are 3 MBA formats offered in the University of Pittsburgh, namely: a fast-track one-year MBA, the conventional two-year course and a flexible part-time program. There are 15 area of specialization to choose. The uni’s Katz Graduate School of Business has a long history of achievement and excellence that continues on up to this day.

10. Urbana-Champaign College Of Business, University Of Illinois

U.S. News & World Report recognizes the University of Illinois’ business school as the top ranked in the country. Along with the orthodox specializations like marketing and finance, there are also unique offers like the Corporate & Social Responsibility and Strategic Management. What’s more noteworthy is its Liberal Customization Policy which allows students to tailor their degree to their targeted career.